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More than 25 years of research and development and the daily use of more than a hundred thousand IMO slewing rings in the widest range of applications worldwide speaks for itself. With proven standard and custom special solutions, IMO provides greater performance, functionality and safety for public transportation.


Our strengths - your advantages

IMO Slewing Rings

  • Our products "Made in Germany" stand up to the highest demands
  • Comprehensive product know-how supports cost-optimized construction
  • Permanent quality controls assure maximum reliability
  • New technical requirements are consistently implemented
  • Our experts guarantee the optimal implementation of your special requirements


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Here you can see the
IMO slewing rings for
transportation technology in use.


Safety is essential.
When people are transported,
there can be no compromise
in the quality of the safety
for critical components.


IMO inside


Based on the demanding adjacent construction, difficult geometric installation conditions must often be overcome in transportation technology. Therefore, specially developed, ready-to-install IMO live rings with a low installation height and low weight, yet high bearing capacity and long service life are usually used.
All arising loads are accommodated by a single large-diameter slewing bearing, which enables a space-saving and light adjacent construction. IMO slewing rings are pre-tensioned to provide a long service life and the necessary impact resistance in day-to-day use. Our products are optimally sealed to protect from dust and spray water and can be equipped with long-lasting surface corrosion protection on request.

Railway vehicle joint bearings

Single-row IMO ball-slewing rings are used in customer-specific variants as joint bearings between the two carriage halves of low-floor trams and light railways.

Bogie railway vehicles

In motor or pivot bogies of trams, metros, local-traffic railways and low-floor rail cars, special two-row slewing rings consisting of three rotating bearing rings are usually used.

Mobile air freight rolling ramps

In the pivot joint of the drawbar a non-toothed IMO slewing ring provides unlimited rotating ability.


Intermediate rings completely machines by IMO combine engines and gearboxes on long-distance and local busses.

Articulated busses

In the bogie of city omnibusses a single-row IMO ball-slewing ring is used in the flange design.

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We like IMO


For more than two decades, IMO has stood for fully developed, flexibly expandable and universally applicable standard rotary solutions, as well as for special solutions developed for customer applications.

In the process, IMO slewing rings are suitable for a variety of areas of application and industrial segments. They combine the highest technical quality demands and safety standards with a long service life and low maintenance requirements, whereby the conditions for long-term, intensive customer relationships are provided

Here is a selection of references:

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Our favorites

Our strengths in the development and construction of slewing rings are reflected in the broad spectrum of applications and the worldwide success of our standard systems:

ball slewing ring

single row, non-toothed

ball slewing ring

two-rows, non-toothed, consisting of three rings

ball slewing ring

single row, non-toothed, with flange

ball slewing ring

single row, non-toothed

intermediate ring

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Our mission


Research and development are our investment in your future. They provide us and our customers maximum competitive ability. IMO recognizes market and customer requirements at an early stage and analyzes and evaluates them in order to integrate the results into new products. Greater user benefits and technical performance are mutually dependent and have served as a basis for numerous patents and product distinctions in recent years.

Focus on research & development
IMO engineers stand for continuous optimization of our products and ensure that your railway vehicles, articulated busses and long-distance busses perform even better with greater comfort and safety.

IMO standard products
In the transportation technology sector, customer-specific special slewing rings are usually used, which IMO engineers develop in collaboration with the customer.
IMO has a broad spectrum of standard solutions which can be used in numerous other applications.

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